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  1. **NVbit : Accessing Bitlocker volumes from linux**
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  3. **This projects details the Internals/Implementaion of BitLocker Encryption system for Vista.**<br>
  4. NVbit is a linux fuse driver to access Windows Vista's Bitlocker Volumes from linux, provided you have the right keys. A white-paper and supporting presentation is also available.The research was done around an year ago.Work was stopped prematurely,Don't expect things in clean/finished shape.The code is in alpha state. <br>
  5. Both the paper and presentation are incomplete draft versions. However, missing things can be referred from nvbit source code. NVbit allows read-only access.(Though writing can be done just in reverse order but still it doesn't exist for now).
  6. [NVbit source sode](
  7. [NVbit Bitlocker presentation](
  8. [NVbit Bitlocker white_paper](