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  1. ### Vbootkit 2.0: Attacking Windows 7 via Boot Sectors
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  3. This talk will introduce a new tool which allows attacks against Windows 7 via boot sectors. In this talk we will demo Vbootkit 2.0 in action and show how to bypass and circumvent security policies / architecture using customized boot sectors for Windows 7 (x64).<br>
  4. The talk will cover:
  5. 1. Windows 7 Boot architecture
  6. 1. Vbootkit 2.0 architecture and inner workings
  7. 1. insight into the Windows 7 minkernel
  8. We will also demonstrate:
  9. 1. The use of Vbootkit in gaining access to a system without leaving traces
  10. 1. Leveraging normal programs to escalate system privileges
  11. 1. Running unsigned code in kernel
  12. 1. Remote command & Control
  13. All this is done, without having any footprint on the HDD (everything is in memory). It also remains invisible to all existing anti-virus solutions.
  14. [Vbootkit 2.0 Attacking Windows 7 (x64) via Boot Sectors](
  15. Vbootkit 2.0 [source]( is available under open-source under GPL license.