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This repository contains list of public projects kumar have worked upon since 2005.
Old website links have broken but you can find most of the releases here.
Email: [ vipin @ ] GPG key

2017 Rocket: 10G Packet Interception and Processing Solution
2017 Lattice based quantum resistant key-exchange algorithm
2009 MAY Vbootkit 2.0 is open-source(GPL license)
2009 MAR Vbootkit 2.0: Attacking Windows 7 via Boot Sectors
2008 MAY NVbit : Accessing Bitlocker volumes from linux
2007 APRIL Black Hat Europe 2007 and HITB Conf. 2007
2007 APRIL Vbootkit in action : Screenshots and Videos
2007 FEB BOOT KIT: Custom boot sector based Windows 2000/XP/2003