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Vbootkit 2.0 ( source and binary download)

Warning :- We are not responsible for anything.Use at your own risk

Vipin Kumar : vipin at
Nitin Kumar : nitin at

visit for more information or updates.

If you develop anything using this code, please remember to give necessary credit to the authors.


This zip contains Vbootkit 2.0 ( both binary and source code).
The source code is available under GPL license.

Here are the basic usage instrcutions and the layout.

build -> Contains Vbootkit 2.0 source code, nasm and mkisofs to build a bootable CD image
pingv -> Contains customised ping source code to send and receive commands to system affected with Vbootkit 2.0
sample -> Contains a screenshot and a small video showing vbootkit 2.0 in action.

For more information, such as How Vbootkit works, download the presentation from

NOTE: Vbootkit 2.0 currently works on Windows 7 Beta, build 7000 x64 edition to be exact and might/might-not work with other versions or builds.Minor changes might be required to support the other builds/versions.

Compiling Vbootkit 2.0

switch to build directory and run build.bat
This will give you an ISO image containing Vbootkit 2, which can be used to test out functionality

*A pre-build ISO already exists, so as users can directly test it out

To compile pingv client, you can use Visual Studio ( express edition works fine) and build the exe yourself.Just in case, prebuilt EXE's are also there in the directory.

Testing Vbootkit 2.0

Just boot the Windows 7 system, using the Vbootkit 2 CD and uncross your fingers ( so as you can type commands !!!)

Now, execute pingv.exe IP address command-code

The command codes are
Command Code Action
0 Get Signature immediate
1 Get Signature Delayed
2 Get Keylog data
3 Escalate CMD.EXE privileges
4 Reset Passwords/Set Passwords( toggles between states) ( This effect can be persistant )

Vbootkit does not try to stick to your system in any case.

Feel free to mail/comment/query.