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Vbootkit 2.0

April 2007

Legal Warning :- We are not responsible for anything.Use at your own risk

 Vipin Kumar   :  vipin at nvlabs.in 
 Nitin Kumar   :  nitin at nvlabs.in

visit www.nvlabs.in for more information or updates.

If you develop anything using this code, please remember to give necessary credit to the authors.

The source code is available under GPL license.

Here are the basic usage instrcutions and the layout.

build -> Contains Vbootkit 2.0 source code, nasm and mkisofs to build a bootable CD image pingv -> Contains customised ping source code to send and receive commands to system affected with Vbootkit 2.0 sample -> Contains a screenshot and a small video showing vbootkit 2.0 in action.

For more information, such as How Vbootkit works, download the presentation from nvlabs.in

NOTE: Vbootkit 2.0 currently works on Windows 7 Beta, build 7000 x64 edition to be exact and might/might-not work with other versions or builds.Minor changes might be required to support the other builds/versions.

Compiling Vbootkit 2.0

switch to build directory and run build.bat This will give you an ISO image containing Vbootkit 2, which can be used to test out functionality

*A pre-build ISO already exists, so as users can directly test it out

To compile pingv client, you can use Visual Studio ( express edition works fine) and build the exe yourself.Just in case, prebuilt EXE’s are also there in the directory.

Testing Vbootkit 2.0

Just boot the Windows 7 system, using the Vbootkit 2 CD and uncross your fingers ( so as you can type commands !!!)

Now, execute pingv.exe IP address command-code

The command codes are

    Command Code      Action 

    0                 Get Signature immediate 

    1                 Get Signature Delayed

    2                 Get Keylog data 

    3                 Escalate CMD.EXE privileges

    4                 Reset Passwords/Set Passwords( toggles between states) ( This effect can be persistant )

Vbootkit does not try to stick to your system in any case.

Feel free to mail/comment/query.